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BSA's Philmont gear list is useful information for any campout. 

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Dutch Oven (We've got one or two in the supply room.)

Box Oven (Yep, a camp oven made of cardboard and foil.),1-0,box_oven_cooking,FF.html

Solar Oven (Harness the awesome power of the sun to bake biscuits.)

Pan Frying

Pan frying in a skillet is the technique we all know and love for camping. Throw whatever you're cooking in a skillet with (maybe) a little oil, turn it once, and you're ready to go.

A couple more tips: cold meats are more likely to stick, so let your meats warm up a bit outside the cooler first, and let your oil get nice and hot before you add the food.

Boiling and Steaming

Boiling is a great, low clean-up cooking method, and steaming is too, with the added benefit that you won't boil away so many of the vitamins. You can steam food on a steamer rack that sits in a pot. Or you can 'boil-in-a-bag', which is really steaming too. In fact, you can make your own boil in a bag meals up, and feeze them before the trip. Then you use them like ice in the cooler, and cook 'em up when you're ready.

There may be some risks though. Not everyone thinks using ziplock freezer baggies is such a good idea because the plastic starts to melt at about boiling temperature, and many plastics will release unwanted chemicals when they get hot.

Cooking in plastic every once in a while might be's up to you, your patrol, and your parents to decide. Or, specialized bags might be a be a better option than heavy duty ziplock baggies.

Stewing & Braising

This is a great walk-away technique. A little prep and a quick sear in the pot (a dutch oven is great for this), then you walk away for a few hours...well, not really. A scout wouldn't walk away from a burning fire or coals, right? But if you have someone who will be in camp for a few hours, they can keep an eye on the fire while they're doing other stuff, and a meal will be pretty much ready when everyone gathers for dinner.

Grilling and Smoking

Grilling is another camping favorite. And it's not just for meat. So, get your rubs, sauces, and marinades ready, and have a grill off between the patrols.

And smoking is a related technique, where you trap the smoke with the food. There's two types of smoking: hot and cold. Hot's a lot easier and it is the smoking technique you'll most likely use on a campout. All you need is some wood chips, some water, and a roaster pan with some foil, but it does cook the food at the same time (so the smoke doesn't add so much). Cold smoke takes a lot longer, and needs a more complex set-up, so it's not so good for camping.

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