Planned Troop Outings For 2018-19

October 19-21

Family Camp – all parents are encouraged to attend. Bikes are welcome if you want to ride on dirt trails. Scouts cook for parents. This is an opportunity for the Scouts to work together to prepare food for the parents.

November 16-18

Shooting Sports – This campout is an opportunity to learn about firearms and learn how to handle them

December 8

One day trip for holiday party including the Jelly Belly Factory

January 11-13

Old Sacramento great place to learn about California history February 1-2 – Snow Camp – Scouts build snow caves and sleep in snow caves

March 16/17

Tough Mudder Sacramento – The scouts decided to focus on the Fitness Merit Badge this year for a couple of months. This will be a reward for getting through major sections of the Fitness Merit Badge.

April 19-21

Camporee – Fun competition with other troops doing different troop activities such as cooking, navigation etc.

May 11-12 or May 18-19

Rafting – This will be on the American River